Oh Mother Africa
You left us with the question why?
Why did you turn deaf ears to our
over kicking heart beats?
Why did you leave us with  a curse,
telling us it’s a blessing?
Why can’t you see your children
swimming to the deep hollows of
pain and suffering?
Oh why did you make us feel,       we are still cautious of our
    oh My Africa!………..
We are sinking,  thinking we are
diving towards the deceitful shinning
fossils in the deep hollow.

Oh Mother Africa!
are we suffering of your  sins?
Your sin of adultery.
The adulterous act you had with
the cunny white gorgeous stranger.
What did you tell him about us?
Lies about us being slaves and worthless?!
Why did you batter with your crown?
You wanted a mirror to view
Your beauty.
But you had a diamond to project
your greatness.
Oh see your mascot of foolishness
of now and then dancing all
over here and there.

Oh Mother Africa,
Stop the drama of self murder.
And listen to our heart cry,
as we try to survive the
eternal death inflicted on you,.
I can smell your tears trying
to gain momentum.
But don’t you cry again.
Don’t you let your tears
flush your ambitious seeds
down the railings of extinction
like it has done to Somalia
and the likes…..
Seeds that could have germinated
to be the panacea to your
ever growing agony and pain.
Better still, let it flush away
your ashes.
Mama, I hope one day you will
be worthy to be called
Mother Africa.



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